Arif Habib Corporation Limited (AHCL) is the flagship company of the Arif Habib Group. The Company was incorporated in 1994 as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 with a paid up capital of Rs.40 million. In 2001, AHCL was listed on all three stock exchanges of the country, with an initial public offering (IPO) of one million shares, targeting to raise Rs.80 million in order to finance different projects. Since its listing in 2001, the Company has distributed Rs.6.44 billion as dividend (including specie dividend) and Rs.720 million by buying back two million shares (having face value of Rs.10 each) at a price of Rs.360 per share from its shareholders. Currently the Company’s equity is Rs.25.75 billion built through retained earnings.


The AHCL brand has been built on years of commitment to the best interests of all stakeholders and has a strong record of quality asset selection and decisive market timing but above all, adherence to high standards of best practices.

Status of Company: Public Interest Company (PIC) - Listed Company

Company Registration No: K-0033629
Company Registration Date:14th November 1994

National Tax Number (NTN): 0709694-1

Symbol: AHCL
Listed on the following stock exchanges:

Auditors:  A.F. FERGUSON & CO., Chartered Accountants

Legal Advisors: Bawaney & Partners
                            Akhund Forbes Hadi

Corporate memberships :

  • Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance
  • Management Association of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy

To be Pakistan’s leading Investment Company which delivers both competitive financial returns together with a positive impact on the country’s economy and its people through responsible investing.


Our mission is to excel in perceiving, developing and executing innovative projects across business sectors with the aim of maximizing returns for stakeholders, while playing a significant role in developing Pakistan’s economy and its integration into the world markets.


The principal activity of the Company is to make strategic investments in subsidiary and associated companies engaged in chemical, fertilizer, financial services, construction materials, industrial metal, steel and other sectors including investments in listed securities.



award award


KSE Top 25 Companies Award” for many years since its listing The "Merit Award" under the "Best Presented Accounts Award" presented by the South Asian Federation of Accountants

The National
"Best Corporate Report Award 2008" of ICAP