Pakarab Fertilizers Limited

Pakarab Fertilizers Limited (PAFL) was acquired by a consortium of Arif Habib Group and Fatima Group in 2005 under the Government of Pakistanís privatization programme.

PAFL was principally engaged in the manufacturing and sale of chemical. The plant had undergone extensive modernisation and improved processes were introduced to maximise the output, while minimising the negative impacts on the environment. The company became the first Pakistani company to earn and sell Carbon Credits in the international market.

Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited has acquired manufacturing business of fertilizer and plants of PAFL pursuant to an agreement between Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited and Pakarab Fertilizers Limited

The site area of PAFL comprises of 302 acres, which includes area for the factory and the housing colony with all amenities including medical centre, school, management and staff clubs for recreation of employees and their families.