Vision For Sustainability

The last decade has seen some persistent economic concerns in Pakistan. Exponentially rising inflation, consumer price index and unemployment; coupled with decreasing economic growth and investment has led to a significant part of our population currently living below the poverty line without access to basic commodities and services. Yet despite the alarming socio-economic trends, through effective management, good governance, transparency and sincerity to purpose, the Pakistani economy can recover. However it is up to the people of the country, and this includes the private sector.

We believe that investment with the spirit to create economic activity is a key service to the economy. Creating job opportunities, improving production of essential commodities, containing inflation and increasing competition will all be decisive factors in the future performance of our markets and finding long-term solutions to our sustainable development challenges. Accordingly, as one of the largest multi-sector groups in Pakistan, the Arif Habib Group has invested in financial services, microfinance, real estate as well as cement, steel, fertilizer, and energy production during our time in the operating environment of Pakistan.

Throughout our journey we have strived to ensure that we maximize any positive impacts and minimize any negative impacts we can have on the communities and environment that we operate in. It is our vision to continue contributing to the economic growth and stability in Pakistan through actively investing in its economy, its people and the sustainability of its environment.

Our Approach

At the Arif Habib Group we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just philanthropy. It is a philosophy that aims at maximizing the positive impacts and minimizing the negative impacts of our business operations on internal and external stakeholders. This is done through strategic engagement in sustainable, responsible business practice by embedding sustainability in our core activities and through active stakeholder engagement. Within our core business we are continuously striving to guarantee equal opportunity, diversity, on going training, and occupational health and safety to our people. In the marketplace we are on the forefront of maintaining standards, product quality and customer relations. We furthermore try to ensure that our supply chain also shares these values.

For external initiatives we work in partnership with other sectors to find lasting solutions to some of our economy’s most persistent sustainable development challenges. To ensure impact we work closely with our partners to identify appropriate monitoring and evaluation procedures.

Some of the major themes we actively engage with through our initiatives include:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Enabling operating environment
  • Culture and diversity
  • The Environment