Mr. Arif Habib
Chief Executive

Sustainability is swiftly becoming the cornerstone of the future of all growing businesses. At AHCL, we are striving to improve people's lives by changing society for the better, through the value of investments. We have founded our philosophy on the three dimensions, i.e. economic, environmental and social performance and we conduct our activities in a manner that navigates advantageously with the environment and with people.

As one of the country's largest business groups, and as a Company that is reaching out, we have an exclusive opportunity to fashion a constructive impact on the society we move in. We take this prospect seriously and feel an obligation to contribute towards it. We rate our sustainability efforts as an extension of responsible corporate citizenship that started in our initial days as a Company. Accordingly, we believe that sustainability is also a business imperative: that is to say; our Company can only be as dynamic as the masses and society we are working for. If we intend to move forward to accomplish our mission, we have to make progress in a manner that maintains to improve the world around us.

Due to the proliferation of economic, environmental and social challenges to our planet, a greater urgency has arisen regarding the need to address these risks. It is for this very reason that we, as one of Pakistan's premier business-houses, consider it our duty of making sustainability a high priority issue. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the power of our brand, the energy and passion of its employees and the ability of its various businesses to effect meaningful change.

We, at the Arif Habib Group, take a holistic view of sustainability, which to us translates into fulfilling the requirements of various stakeholders, while simultaneously achieving bigger efficiencies i.e. a reduced carbon footprint, streamlined manufacturing processes and making a difference to the lives of others. Therefore, rather than looking upon this exercise as a drag on business performance, we view sustainability as a great innovating tool meant to trigger an advance in company profitability.

We use sustainability as a way to achieve various objectives like business growth and greater customer satisfaction, as it will allow us to create a positive social and environmental impact, by enabling a greater and wholesome business purpose.